Friday, April 15, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Part 4

Still going strong with our artists...let's talk about Karen Thomas...would you believe she lives in Australia! Yes...we girls all chat and organize remotely for these pop ups! Amazing isn't it! Well Karen does amazing calligraphy and is also a painter...I'm sure she does more than that. She is also Mother to twin boys! You can see some of her artsy works on her Instagram page Purpleberry Designs.

Last, but certainly not least, for the Spring Fling say hello to Debbie Lawrence of Floradora Hats and Millinary. Debbie is uber creative and come from a retail display background. She creates gorgeous hats and accessories also living here in California. Take a look at her creations at Floradora Hats.

Remember our Spring Fling is right around the corner!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Part 3

Two more of our artsy crew to introduce to you today...Susan Chestine Garman...She creates in the warm state of Florida.

Susan describes herself as, "a highly distractible mixed media visual and craft artist." Check out her eclectic art style at The Distractible Artist.

Second let's peek at Rhonda Williamson. Rhonda makes the absolute cutest soft sculpture dolls and whips them up in Texas...

You can ooh and ahhh at them here Magpie Handmade.

Don't forget you can see exclusive creations and shop with us for our Spring Fling!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Take 2!!

Today let's talk about Cindy Lantier Jones and Kim Hyer (behind their

Cindy is an accomplished artist in many mediums but lately has turned to soap and beauty products! All natural, pure ingredient things to pamper yourself with! I, for one, am excited! She is another Californian. Cindy has her things at The Eclectic Soul Shop.

Kim is exploring all things mixed media...she teaches, creates, and is having a love affair with her dog Beene! Kim does spectacular art with words. You can seak a peek at Kim's creations on her blog "A Paper Addict"

We hope you look forward to their special artwork and creations in our 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Behind The Scenes...

Our Spring Fling pop up Facebook show is coming up fast!! We have such a fun, diverse group of artisans we thought you'd like a peek inside who they are.

Today I'll start with myself and my partner in crime, Kelly Corso. She and I put this madness idea together last year just to see if it would fly and thought it would be a fun experiment. We both want to bring together and support our fellow artisans. One way to do that is with increased exposure through media and pop ups like the Handmade Art Market.

So...for me I am a mixed media artist with a line of thematic jewelry, Charming Trinkets, that I travel to art shows with around Southern California. Also in my day are my two teenagers plus husband, can't forget him, and all the things that life throws at you. More about my craziness is at Susan's Art Circus.

Kelly lives in Florida with two adorable little girls, her fabulous husband and is an avid fiber artist (among other things). Bird in a Tree Creations is her website full of fun and whimsical felted and sewn art!

We work exclusively online to get all this stuff together. A few years back we "met" taking an online art/business class. It's amazing the relationships we all have these days!

Let us know what else you might like to know and we will answer some questions over on our page...the Handmade Art Market on Facebook!

Come on over and join us for the pop up!!